Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

At Serendipity Creative Cafe we endeavour to make our pottery painting sessions and parties as friendly and flexible as possible so that you thoroughly enjoy your time with us!

However, to make sure that things are clear and straightforward, please find below our terms and conditions.

If you have any queries and would rather speak to us then feel free to call us on 07427640184 or send us an email us at [email protected]

Pottery Painting

Studio Fee

- A Studio Fee of £5 will be added to the total cost for groups of up to four painters. 

- Each Studio Fee covers the paints, glazes, use of tools and firing your piece in the kiln.

- If you do not finish painting during your visit to Serendipity Creative Cafe then we will hold onto your pottery for up to two months for you to come back and complete another day. Return visits to complete a held piece of pottery will incur an additional £2 Studio Fee.

- If new pieces are started during a return visit a new Studio Fee will be chargeable.

General Terms

- It is not permitted to paint items brought in from outside Serendipity Creative Cafe. We do not fire items painted elsewhere.

- Works-in-progress will be held for six months from the date of first painting. If you are unable to return within this period please e-mail or call us.

- Serendipity Creative Cafe is a Paint Your Own Pottery studio. Staff are available to advise as appropriate. Staff may not be able to correct mistakes made with paint.

- All new painters are given an induction on how to use the paints and how the studio works. Serendipity Creative Cafe cannot accept responsibility for pieces where guidelines have not been followed.

- There may be minor colour variations on pieces according to how they have been painted. Minor imperfections are a result of the hand-painted nature of the pottery and the natural state of the clay.


- When a piece is completed, Serendipity Creative Cafe staff will give an estimated date when we expect the piece to be glazed and fired ready for collection. This is normally 7-10 working days after the piece has been completed. If there is any delay our staff will endeavour to call in advance.

- The estimated date is not a guarantee of the completion date. The nature of the product and the firing process means that a degree of flexibility may sometimes be required. For this reason we recommend that items required for a specific day are painted at least two weeks in advance.

- Glazed and fired pottery will be held for six months from the date of completion. Please e-mail or call us if you are unable to collect within this period. After this period Serendipity Creative Cafe will dispose of these items.

- Serendipity Creative Cafe cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been collected. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused. Washing items in a dishwasher will shorten the life of the item. We recommend hand washing all items painted within the studio. Pottery items are not microwave safe.

Delivery and Postage

- We are happy to post your completed pottery within the UK on request.

- Items will be sent via Royal Mail Standard Second Class Post. Charges are applicable and are dependent on the size and weight and number of the pieces being delivered.

- Completed pottery will be posted out to you 10-14 days after your visit.

Breakages in the Studio

Breakages by Customers

Pottery is fragile and broken pottery is extremely sharp. Any breakages will be charged at the full shelf price.

Damage in the Firing Process

Please be aware that sometimes pottery items can break, crack or at worse explode in the kiln. We try to control for these events but it is not always possible. It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. If you have lost your piece in the kiln in this way we will offer you a full refund (cash or bank transfer) or a free session to paint a replacement piece up to the value of the original piece.

Parties and Events

Children's Parties

A deposit of 10% is required at time of booking. Full payment will then be collected on the day. Refunds are only given with 48 hours’ notice.

Adult Only Events

A deposit of 10% is required at time of booking. Full payment will then be collected on the day. We suggest the organiser collects from the other attendees. Refunds are only given with 48 hours’ notice.


Due to copyright, data protection (GDPR) and to respect other participants, where you wish to take photographs or video during a pottery painting session please respect the rights of other pottery cafe attendees by NOT including them in your photos.